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Best Travel Destinations for Black Women in 2023

If you're a Black woman, I'm sure you can relate to adding "black girl" or "black women" at the end of all your Google, Pinterest, and TikTok searches when it comes to different categories like hairstyles, outfit ideas, makeup products, and so on. I tend to do the same when I'm searching for my next travel destination because if we're being honest—the comfortability we feel when trying to explore an unfamiliar place is extremely important. Sadly, race and gender have a lot to do with it.

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In celebration of Juneteenth, I want to highlight some of the top destinations for Black women to visit.

Before I dive into the list, I want to emphasize that although there are tons of rankings out there on the best and worst places for a certain demographic of people to visit, everyone has different experiences. I am a believer that if you're really interested in a place, you should go and find out for yourself (because at least you can say you tried it).

In no particular order, here are 8 places you should consider for your next vacation if you want to tap into your #blackgirltravelmagic:

Top Travel Destinations for Black Women

colombia colorful city photo with tram

1. Colombia

Black culture is extremely vibrant in the South American country of Colombia. In 2022, Colombia even elected its first Black woman Vice President, Francia Marquez. There is also a very prominent African presence in the popular city of Cartagena, especially in the village of San Basilio de Palenque, the first free town of the Americas. Great food, kind people, and so much history? Of course this has become such a hot spot for Black women.

One of my favorite solo female travel content creators, sowonthego, has tons of content showcasing the beauty of Colombia and what it's like visiting as a Black woman.

lisbon city with tram

2. Portugal

Very popular for digital nomads, Portugal is an amazing destination filled with tasty food, delicious wine, and diverse people. Especially in the nation's capital and largest city that is Lisbon, Portugal has gained popularity for Black women travelers over the past few years.

One of my favorite things about my trip to Portugal was how easy and cheap it was to get around. Lisbon has an amazing public transportation system (very similar to the Washington, D.C. metro in my opinion) and Ubers are inexpensive. Whether I was on the move bright and early or late at night, I felt safe making my way from one place to another.

Another interesting thing about Lisbon is its microclimate, making it easy to have different experiences in various towns. Whether you're enjoying the city life in Lisbon's center, the beach town of Cascais, or the gloomy and colder side of Sintra, Portugal is a great option.

jamaican singers performing

3. Jamaica

From its laid-back culture to its welcoming people, the beautiful scenery is just another plus on this wonderful island. Whether you're visiting the lively Montego Bay, the "Capital of Casual" in Negril, or the heart of Kingston, there's something for all kinds of travelers whether you enjoy luxury and relaxation, adventure, or nightlife.

I will say that I've read a few mixed online reviews when it comes to how safe women feel in Jamaica, but from my personal experience as well as those of people I know, the country has proven those narratives wrong and we all have nothing but great things to say. If you're feeling unsure, I recommend going in a group of friends/family or with a significant other.

My favorite activity: Check out this Rastasafari Experience to see the countryside of Negril and learn more about Rasta culture on this authentic tour with locals.

big buddha in phuket thailand

4. Thailand

Who wouldn't want to visit somewhere that refers to themselves as "the land of smiles"? Known for its extreme affordability, top-notch street food, and all-around kind people, women of color have been flocking to this Southeast Asian country lately. For a country with so much surreal beauty, it's no wonder it's such a popular choice despite the lengthy flight.

My experience in Phuket was amazing. It's cheap, the people are generous, the scenery is UNREAL, and my best friend and I were treated like royalty. We did get lots of (friendly) stares and once, a group of women took a photo of us through a bakery window which was a bit awkward, but I could tell that it wasn't with any malicious intent. It seemed to be more so out of admiration.

My favorite activity: Interact with elephants at Phuket's First Ethical Elephant Sanctuary!

tokyo japan city nightlife

5. Japan

The futuristic city of Tokyo can seem a bit intimidating because of the crowds and out-of-this-world technology, but Japan is known for showing lots of love to Black people and culture. Especially from a music standpoint, you might still feel at home when it comes to nightlife as Japanese clubs often appreciate hip-hop and dancehall. Once you get a hang of how to get around and communicate with people, you should have a great time. Along with Portugal, Japan was named amongst the top 10 most peaceful countries in the world in The Annual Global Peace Index 2022!

Fun fact: I took three years of Japanese in high school—so it's definitely in my plans to visit very soon.

turkish flag in city

6. Turkey

Loved for its cuisine, quiet beach towns, and welcoming people, Turkey often comes as a shocker when people find out how much the country is loved by Black women. Compared to a few other European countries like France or Italy, many Black women have shared that they felt very comfortable traveling throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

Travel hack: Known as "the meeting point of the world," Istanbul is a popular layover destination. Even if you're not staying in Turkey, if you're flying Turkish Airlines and have a layover of 6 hours or longer, you're entitled to a free tour of the city through Touristanbul! Furthermore, if your layover is 10 hours or longer, you can even get a free hotel stay.

belizean men playing drums

7. Belize

If you're a lover of water activities and seafood, Belize is an underrated destination you should add to your list. Although it borders Latin American countries Guatemala and Mexico, Belize has more of an Afro-Caribbean influence due to its British colonial history. The national language of Belize is English, although many Belizeans speak both English and Spanish. The country is culturally diverse, and is continuously growing popularity for experienced solo female travelers. In fact, I'll be flying solo there later this year for my birthday!

I especially want to mention the presence of the Garifuna community in Belize. Belizean culture is heavily impacted by African slave descendants as well as indigenous Caribbeans, showcased through their food, language, and even music—Belize treasures soca, punta, and reggae rhythms. Towns like Hopkins have a large Garifuna population and can be a great place to visit for Black women.

Ayana Alexis (postcardsfromayana) is another great solo female travel content creator who often speaks highly of Belize!

woman wearing colorful dress and jewelry in ghana

8. Ghana

What's a list of best travel destinations for Black women without a trip to Africa? I've heard so many beautiful stories from Black female travelers about their experiences in Ghana, especially the nation's capital, Accra. Ghana also has a large expat community. Black women from all over have decided that Ghana is a place worth staying—thanks to their love for its people, food, and quality of life. It's one of those places you won't have to worry about fitting in because most say it feels like home.

What countries did I miss? Let me know where I should go next by connecting with me on Instagram!

Need help planning your next trip? Check out my travel services to get started.


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