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Custom Itineraries

Tired of being the friend who stays up all night trying to find the best things to do, restaurants to go to, and sights to see? Do you dream of being the friend who just pays and shows up? This service is for you—I'll do the work this time.

Fees start at $150 per week of travel. Inquire for a custom quote.

How It Works

So many people go on trips, but then waste so much time sitting around trying to figure out what to do because they didn't do any research beforehand. Now, you and your friends are getting hangry because you're spending hours arguing about a place to eat.

For my very detailed, type A clients, this is the option for you. I can help you plan your day-to-day activities from meals, excursions, attractions, and more. 

Itineraries come with:

  • A day-to-day trip schedule that outlines everything from flight departure to hotel check-out

  • Activities on dates and times carefully chosen based on efficiency

  • Detailed information about your travel (ex. entry requirements, important laws, and other things to note)

  • All accommodations, activities, and restaurant reservations are handled by me.

Disclaimer: I only plan as much as YOU want me to. Don't think you have to have an itinerary that plans every breath you take from the moment you open your eyes until you go to sleep each night. You will receive a proposal for your approval before any bookings are made.

Fees start at $150 per week of travel and must be paid in full prior to itinerary creation.

Contact me to get started.

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