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Image by Benjamin Voros

Destination Research

Not sure where you want to go? Need me to do a little extra work when it comes to planning your trip? That's fine—spend less time doing the homework and more time looking for new vacation outfits.

Fees start at $85 per trip. Inquire for a custom quote.

How It Works

I get it, a lot of people don't know where in the world to start. Literally. That's why I'm here to deal with the blood, sweat, and tears of figuring out the perfect destination for you and your travel goals.

Maybe you want to find the perfect place for solo female travelers. Maybe you're wondering which countries are LGBTQ+ friendly. Maybe you just want to know who in the world has the best tacos (because that's a very important deciding factor).

Of course, when you use my Accommodation Booking service, I do some research to ensure your trip caters to your personal needs. However, some clients need a little extra help with specific concerns such as:

  • Choosing between several destinations (or starting from scratch)

  • Finding the most affordable time to visit

  • Looking for activities that spark your interests

  • Researching factors that affect your comfortability (ex. current economic environment, safety concerns, etc.)

Fees start at $85 per trip and must be paid in full before research begins. Contact me to get started.

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