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10 Travel Must-Have Items You Need in 2023

Over the years, there are many things I've purchased that have given me no use throughout my travel journey... and others that I don't know how I've gone so long without them because they've saved my life.

Keep reading to find out which travel must have items I recommend for your next trip that will make your experience a bit easier.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. All opinions are my own.

10 travel must have items you need in 2023 blog tile

beis carry on roller and weekender bag

Source: Béis Travel

If you're wondering whether or not the hype around Béis products is worth it, I personally think it is. I own the carry-on roller, the expandable duffle (no longer sold), and their packing cubes set. I have never packed so many things in one suitcase before—and I'm an over-packer. No more paying for baggage fees when you can fit everything you need in a carry-on and a personal item! (Yes, the expandable duffle and the mini weekenders fit under most plane seats).

Each luggage piece has a TSA lock, weight indicator, 360 wheels, countless compartments and packing spaces, and more. Bags can easily slide onto your luggage handles with their convenient trolley passes.

silicone travel bottle set

Source: Amazon

If your goal is to cut down on baggage fees and stick to carry-ons, you're going to need to ensure you're abiding by TSA's size requirements when it comes to liquids. This silicone travel bottle set is great for staying organized and being sure that you're good to go when passing through security. The set comes with various sizes of no-spill bottles and containers, bottle labels, and a cute carrying case! Not only is it convenient, but it's also super sleek-looking for those who love uniformity across their products.

universal travel adaptor

Source: Amazon

I remember when it was my first time visiting Europe for my college graduation trip to Lisbon, Portugal. I was traveling a lot that summer to celebrate, so I decided to not take off of work for this specific trip (my job at the time was fully remote). I had completely forgotten that Europe used different plugs—I know, rookie mistake. I struggled to find an adaptor that was compatible with my laptop charger and had to deal with telling my boss last minute that my laptop was dead and I couldn't charge it.

Soon after, I decided to purchase this all-in-one universal travel adaptor so I'd never have to worry about this happening again. This mini life saver works in over 150 countries across the world that use US/EU/UK/AU plugs, excluding South Africa, India, Switzerland, and Italy. It also has multiple USB ports for even more connectivity!

apple airtag

Source: Amazon

One of the biggest fears most people have while traveling is losing their belongings. Many people keep Apple AirTags on their house keys, wallets, or other important items they don't want to misplace. Have you ever thought about slipping one into your luggage so you always know where it is—and are able to slightly get rid of the fear of it going missing during one of your connecting flights?

inflatable travel pillow with eye mask

Source: Amazon

As much as I love traveling, I absolutely hate the process of getting from one place to another. It's extremely hard for me to fall asleep on planes, even with the traditional-style neck pillows. A friend of mine told me she used this inflatable travel pillow on her long flight to South Africa and had the best sleep ever! Naturally, I had to give it a try. It definitely made a difference.

Warning: You will look extremely odd while blowing this up in the middle of the airplane. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to inflate, but prepare for a few stares.

selfie stick and tripod

Source: Amazon

Even if you're not a content creator, it's still extremely helpful to have a tripod when trying to capture those special travel memories—especially if you travel solo. I like this one in particular because it holds my phone in both landscape and portrait mode, and you can also use it as a selfie stick.

This one is a bit bulky, though, so here's a more travel-friendly option I use when I don't have as much space to store it on the go.

passport holder

Source: Amazon

If you're anything like me, the stress and extreme sense of urgency at the airport can make you a bit anxious. When making your way to your gate, you make life so much easier for yourself, airport security, and the hundreds of people waiting in line behind you when you know where all of your documents are. I purchased this passport holder for my mom (who isn't a frequent traveler at all) to make her airport experience a bit smoother and I'm glad I did. It has dedicated spaces for your passport, ID, vaccination card, boarding pass, and more.

portable charger

Source: Amazon

One of the scariest things that can happen when in an unfamiliar place is not having a way to communicate with the people you need to or look up information. Having a portable charger handy is great when traveling in case you get lost, need help, or just want to let your loved ones back at home know where you are. It's also great to be able to use your phone to help you with language barriers when talking to people and/or reading signage.

clip on ring light for phone

Source: Amazon

This isn't exactly a travel item per se, but I love to take it with me on my journeys for two reasons: nighttime photos/videos and joining work meetings. As I mentioned before, I sometimes work remotely during my trips, so one of my biggest concerns is still being able to present myself professionally even if I'm not in a traditional work-from-home setting. This clip-on ring light has several modes and attaches to both my phone or my laptop to help me improve my camera quality and setup. Also, it's great for sprucing up that nighttime content when you might not have the best lighting outdoors.

beats studio 3 wireless noise cancelling headphones

Source: Amazon

Again... I. Hate. Long. Flights. Therefore, I need absolutely every aide possible to help me get some rest. Noise cancelling headphones are definitely a necessity when I travel. I personally love the Wireless Beats Studio3 because the sound is great, battery lasts a while, and I definitely have trouble hearing anything around me whenever I wear them.

That's all I'm including for now. I'm sure I'll come across some more useful gadgets along the way, and you guys will be the first to hear about it—I promise.


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