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Danielle Thomas | Travel Advisor

About Me

I'm Danielle, a travel advisor in her 20-somethings curating memorable experiences more valuable than any souvenir. I left the United States for the first time in June 2021, and have been on a mission to continue my journey across the globe ever since. Growing up, I rarely left Prince George's County, Maryland, let alone the country. My amazing experiences thus far have ignited a passion for seeing all this world has to offer, and advocating for you to do the same (especially women and people of color).


When I'm not traveling, or sometimes even when I am, I'm probably putting my degree to use as a digital marketing specialist. Marketing technology was my first passion—as it allowed both the creative and the analytical wheels to turn in my head. So, for my full-time employees — don’t worry, I know how it is, but travel can be a priority in your life, too.


The "Why"

There is this notion that travel is inaccessible to most people due to the cost, stress of planning, lack of free time, concern for safety, etc. These are all valid worries, but going on a trip isn't always something you have to work tirelessly to deserve. I help curate experiences that fit your budget and vacation style that will have you ending your trip with a sense of fulfillment rather than guilt.

What is a Dérive?

By translation, the French noun translates to "drift." However, if you're familiar with psychogeography theories, you may know that a dérive is a spontaneous journey where the traveler lets the surrounding architecture influence their chosen route. Going on a dérive is an escape from the predictable everyday life as you experience a new environment in the absence of a strict itinerary.

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